What is Acupuncture?

headaches, migraines, allergiesOver 4,000 years ago, a theory of an energy life force which circulated in an organized way throughout the body, developed from ancient Shamanistic beliefs. This energy circulates throughout the body through pathways similar to the way blood circulates throughout the vessels. This theory further evolved into a system of channels and pathways, and was passed down over the millennia through observation and treatment provided by ancient practitioners. Shen Nung, the father of Chinese medicine, identified hundreds of points along these “meridians” that when stimulated by needles produced profound changes in physiological functions.

teaHealth depends upon balance: balance of all activities of all bodily systems. At the core of this balance exists the energy that is the source of all life. This energy is called Qi (chee).

Since the 1970’s when New York Times journalist James Reardon reported upon witnessing the wonders of acupuncture anesthesia during a trip to China, people have been fascinated about “how acupuncture works”. Though there is no proven scientific explanation of “how” it works, but there are several theories.

“Ancient Medicine for Modern times”