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I.T. Brooklyn, NY

“Elyse is a gifted healer. I couldn’t sleep with severe mid-back pain, and after the first treatment I had a full nights sleep.”

H.D., New York, N.Y.

“My night sweats and other symptoms of menopause have all vanished with my acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements given to me by Elyse.”

J.D. Brooklyn, N.Y.

“I was aftaid of needles, but I was in such pain I would have tried anything! Thank God I was able to get over this fear and allow Elyse to do acupuncture on me. She helped me regain movement without pain, overcome very bad lower back and neck pain, and reclaim my life. She really cares!”

E.W Brooklyn, NY

“My symptoms of Sjogrens Syndrome: rheumatoid arthritic pains, dry mouth and eyes were relieved tremendously by acupuncture, herbal formulations and dietary guidance fro Elyse. My doctor could only offer strong steroids that didn’t always work and were very toxic.”

L.R. , Kokomo, Ill.

“My symptoms resolved themselves on 16 April 2003 @ 4:59 PM when my son, K. Z. was born! Your treatments are the only reason I was able to conceive. Thanks so much!”

J.P. , Salt Lake City, Ut.

“I still feel the affects of your marvelous treatments.” (concerning acupuncture facial rejuvenation)

S.L., Jersey City, NJ

"I've been a patient of Elyse Josephs' for several months. Two of the chronic conditions she's treating me for are vascular necrosis in one foot and a large ganglionic toe cyst on the other, both of which gave me considerable pain and swelling for a long time. My orthopedist had recommended surgery. Bottom line: thanks to Elyse's skill, I do not need surgery, pain and swelling are minimal and I'm able to wear shoes that I haven't had on for a year or more. Her treatment of the cyst was nothing short of miraculous; an herbal ointment she had formulated for me completely eliminated it in just a few weeks."

Survivor Central Blog

The Power of Chinese Medicine

November 27, 2010 at 11:00 AM by: K.M.

Do you know someone who is having trouble getting pregnant naturally? It is so common these days to hear about fertility issues, which are often blamed on age. However, there are so many other reasons that women experience this and other hormonal issues including painful or irregular periods; it can be from years of being on the pill, environmental toxins, diet and frame of mind.

I was fourteen when I experienced something most women never even imagine happening. What started as a normal period turned into a full day of hemorrhaging. By the end of the day I had passed out twice and was almost unconscious when I arrived at the hospital. The doctors kept telling my mother to keep me at home, that it happens and would taper off eventually. I spent a week in the hospital building my blood count back up to normal. From that day on I was told I needed to go on birth control until I wanted to have children. I listened, up until two years ago when I started to question the need for birth control, as well as the side effects of spending 20 years on it. In May of 2008 I took myself off the pill and I did not get my period for a full year. Throughout that year I went to at least four gynecologists questioning what was going on. They all did the usual hormone tests and sonograms only to give me no answers except that I needed to go back on the pill. My regular gynecologist wouldn't even perform these tests and told me we would get to the bottom of it when I wanted to have children.

At a loss for answers, I went back on the pill in June 2010, but after just a year, I knew my body had enough. I was determined to listen to my body and solve this holistically. First, I started eating cleaner; I cut out all chemicals, trading in my low fat cheese and dressings for the real versions. I started cooking for myself, using organic oils and adding omega 3 fat sources into my diet. I swapped my seemingly healthy whole grain cereals and yogurt, which both contained way too much sugar, for rolled oats. I eventually eliminated dairy, gluten and most sugar. Second, I started to meditate more. I didn't let a day go by that I didn't spend time within, even if just for five minutes on the train to work.

This September after three months without a period, I started weekly acupuncture treatments. I met with Elyse Josephs who is licensed in acupuncture and board certified in Chinese herbal medicine, specializing in woman's health. It was not what I expected. She targeted places specific to my issues, which would sometimes feel extremely intense for the entire 30 minutes on the table. Most of the time I would leave feeling drained until the day after when I felt energized and incredible. After three weeks she suggested I start an herbal treatment. I began to alternate between two Wise Woman herbals, phytoprogest and Phytoest, which support normal glandular function and do not contain estrogen. They include ingredients such as cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh), angelica sinensis (dong quai), foeniculum vulgare (bitter fennel) and medicago sativa (alfalfa).

Six weeks after starting acupuncture and herbs and six months after a whole foods diet, I can happily say that I am finally getting my period naturally. Twenty-two years later and my body is finally healed, with the help of holistic, homeopathic treatments and a strong commitment to myself and this journey. If you or someone you know has been dealing with similar issues, please remember that there are other options. Birth control pills are not the answer for everyone.

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