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Stress and anxiety are common afflictions that affect everyone at some point in their lives. The NY Times reports that “A survey of over 150,000 individuals worldwide revealed that last year, Americans reported experiencing the highest levels of stress, anger, and worry in a decade. In the United States, 55 percent of adults reported feeling stressed for most of the day, compared to just 35 percent globally.” Judging from these statistics, stress, and anxiety are a major problem experienced at increasing epidemic proportions.

Chronic stress causes us to remain constantly vigilant and can lead to adverse effects on the body, increasing the likelihood of developing several conditions.   Chronic Stress and anxiety put the adrenal glands on overload creating unhealthy balances throughout the body, including increased cortisol causing negative effects upon the entire system.  Stress and anxiety are typically linked to numerous common ailments, and often are the first stage causing breakdown within systems leading to long-term serious illness.

  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal distress, including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. Many gastrointestinal diseases including ulcers/ IBS initially started out with the experiencing of severe, constant stress and anxiety.
  • Sore and tight muscles that often become chronically painful.
  • Chest pain/discomfort with an erratic heartbeat.
  • Insomnia- difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep
  • Lowered immunity, and thereby getting recurring colds and infestions·
  • Decreased sexual drive and/or inability to perform sexually.
  • Inability to shed extra pounds/excessive weight

A lot of individuals who suffer from persistent stress and anxiety are commonly recommended medication to relieve their symptoms.

They might have attempted techniques such as deep breathing, counseling, meditation, or other commonly recommended remedies for their anxiety but found no alleviation. The medications frequently result in side effects that can worsen the patient’s existing symptoms.

Traditional Chinese medicine is true Mind/Body medicine and treats the person holistically.  My experience in treating anxiety and Stress has shown me that very often there is an imbalance within the individual, in some organ system represented by the channel or meridian, or some imbalance in vital substances such as Qi, Blood, or other body fluids.

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acupuncture for anxiety new york city

For centuries, acupuncture has been used to alleviate stress and anxiety, and now it’s becoming a popular alternative to Western medicine in the United States. By inserting thin needles into specific points on the body, acupuncture can help soothe the nervous system and promote healing. These points are believed to be connected to anxiety according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As a result, the needles stimulate the nervous system and trigger the release of chemicals that modify the body’s ability to handle stress and positively impact brain chemistry.

Many people mistakenly believe that acupuncture is a painful experience, which can discourage them from trying it. However, more and more patients have been describing the sensation of acupuncture as a state of complete relaxation and bliss. As someone who has received acupuncture treatment, I can attest to this experience! It is impossible to fully describe the peaceful and calming feeling that spreads throughout the body and mind during an acupuncture session. Once patients overcome their fear of needles, they can fully enjoy the healing benefits of this ancient practice. Oftentimes, patients even fall asleep during their treatment, fully surrendering to its effects. The warm atmosphere of the treatment room, complete with gentle lighting, aromatherapy, and soothing music, makes it difficult not to feel better.

Acupuncture can bring immediate relief to people experiencing symptoms of stress and anxiety, often resulting in significant improvement after just one session. However, for long-term healing of chronic symptoms, consecutive sessions are typically necessary. Many individuals who have been struggling to find relief from these common conditions find that their symptoms gradually reduce with each treatment. To learn more about how acupuncture can benefit you, please feel free to make a 20-minute complimentary consultation.

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